Shamina Sneed: In House Lawyer in Asset Management and Investment Products

We are lucky to dress such an incredible group of strong and talented women. We recently interviewed our brilliant friend Shamina Sneed who is not only a total boss babe -- but also a treat to help style. Our work together is always filled with laughter and we are reminded to never take ourselves too seriously. Check out the interview below -- we feel honored that our collection lives up to her high standards!


Q: How would you describe your personal style?

A: Modern classic. I like clean lines that flatter my curves.  At 5'3'' that can be a challenge!


Q: What is your favorite piece from the Nora Collection? 

A: All my Nora dresses are keepers.  They are super comfortable but look totally pulled together.  But, I love the Evelyn dress.  I call it my boss dress for when I mean business.  I like it so much, I bought it in two colors!  


Q: How does your work life inform your fashion choices?  

A: I am in house counsel to a growing alternative investments business which is dominated by men, my clients look to me for advice and judgment in meetings.  Having a polished outfit that fits well can give you added confidence to make a point and stand out without the distraction of fidgeting/adjustment of a neckline or hem  


Q: What is most the rewarding part of your work?  

A: Explaining complex legal concepts to allow for actionable advice. 


Q: What are the kind of demands you ask of your clothing? 

A: As a senior attorney in finance and active member of the legal community, I often travel to see my clients or do public speaking engagements.  My work clothes need to be able to stand up to sitting for long periods, jumping out of taxis or walking across town and still look sharp for 6pm cocktails.  


Q: What does "work hard, dress smart" mean to you?  

A: Your outfit needs to be as nimble as you are to meet the needs of an unpredictable day from meetings, networking drinks then dinner with friends.  You want to be comfortable in your clothes and not have the clothes wear you.