Nancy Lee Sánchez: Executive Director

Nancy Lee Sánchez is the Executive Director for the Kaplan Educational Foundation. Her proven record of success stems from both Nancy's passion for her work and her dedication to each student she advises. Because of Nancy's busy schedule, she needs comfortable work clothes that travel well. We had a chance to talk with Nancy about both her work and personal style.  


1. How would you describe your personal style?


My personal style is classic and sleek. I have grown to love my curves and I want career clothes that do not hide my femininity. Classic doesn't mean boring--I love color and I find that a solid color dress in a power color makes me feel present and bold. 


2. How does your work life inform your fashion choices?


Since my work is my passion, my style has to support my endless days transitioning from office, travel, social events, presentations and of course, catching up with friends and colleagues after work. 

3. What is your favorite piece from the Nora Collection?


I like pieces that I can wear all seasons. I own the Gabriele dress in 3 colors. It is my go to-- it has pockets, elbow sleeves, and never wrinkles! I get so many compliments because it fits so well. 


4. What is most the rewarding part of your work?


When I am asked what I do, I say "I make big dreams come true". As Executive Director of the Kaplan Educational Foundation, I work with students from historically underrepresented backgrounds to make sure they have the opportunity, academic and leadership skills to get accepted and thrive at the most highly selective colleges across the US.  



5. What are the kind of demands you ask of your clothing?


I travel a great deal--visiting colleges, building partnerships and presenting at educational conferences. I only travel with a carry on.  Dresses make it easy for me to pack lightly.  I can change the look with accessories, leg wear or jackets. My dresses maybe sleek but I also need comfort--can't run for a taxi, a plane, a meeting if I can't move. 



6. What does "work hard, dress smart" mean to you?


"Work hard, dress smart" means that what I wear doesn't get in the way of my goals. When I reach for a Nora Gardner dress and put it on, I am sure it will support all I am aiming to do on that day. 
Thanks Nancy for such an inspiring interview! We applaud all of your hard work and hope to see you rocking Nora again soon! #SheworeNora 
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