Bespoke Designer Uniforms Made In NYC

As an established NYC designer, Nora Gardner focuses on creating fashionable and functional uniforms for airlines and hospitality groups.

Our entire collection is manufactured in New York City, which guarantees a quick turnaround time, designer quality, and zero supply chain interruptions.

Our clients may:
  • Order off-the-shelf products.
  • Work with our design team to create a bespoke uniform collection.

To learn more, schedule a meeting with our team below. We look forward to hearing from you.


We offer statement pieces with exquisite quality and attention to detail that will take your image to new heights.

We will follow the brand style guide and brand ethos to create a custom collection that will make your brand’s unique personality come to life.

We would work closely with your marketing team to build on the company’s color palette and brand vision to capture the essence of the company and to improve the overall customer experience and employee satisfaction.

As a design team, we are known for our creative expression through our clothing, and a commitment to the highest quality and a true, comfortable fit

Designed in NYC

Made in NYC