Science Teacher Extraoidinaire: Lizzie Rosenberger

Lizzie Rosenberger is a middle school science teacher at Avenues, a new international school in Chelsea. We got to relive a little grade school nostalgia in her classroom, and asked some questions about work and fashion.

Lizzie is wearing the Suzanne top.

How would you describe your personal style?
Simple, except for glitter and polka dots, my greatest weaknesses. Or assets...
Which elements of ethical fashion are important to you?
This year, my classroom is focused on our carbon footprint. I am committed to promoting sustainability in every faction of my life. 

How does your work life inform your fashion choices?
As a science teacher, my first priority is comfort. I need things that move with me when I am racing around the classroom, or playing soccer with kids at recess, but also look professional when I meet with parents. 

What is most rewarding about being an educator?
The "a-ha" moment when a student puts the pieces together. 

What are the kind of demands you ask of your clothing?
I like things to be functional, durable and classic. 

What does "work hard, dress smart" mean to you?
The woman I strive to be.