Allergy Amulet Founder and CEO: Abigail Barnes

Growing up with allergies can make a relaxing evening out into a fraught experience. Allergy Amulet founder and CEO Abigail Barnes knows this well from firsthand experience, and created a plan to mitigate this anxiety. Her company crafts discrete allergen detection devices that are both practical and stylish. She answered some of our questions about working hard and dressing smart.
Abi is wearing the Helena Top in Ivory.

Where do you wear your Nora Gardner dresses?
Casual and formal events, the office, cocktails - they're very versatile.
Which dress was your first purchase?
The Lidia Dress in black. 

Do the pieces you own make your life easier?
Yes. I travel a fair amount for work and prefer to pack light - Nora's dresses are not prone to wrinkles and are great for any occasion.
Which piece is your favorite and why?
I'm a pretty big fan of the new Evelyn Dress. Super comfortable.
Abi in her office in Madison, Wisconsin.
What do you love most about the dresses / collection?
That they're made in the US, the quality is excellent, and they have a classic understated elegance to them that always draws compliments. 

Where is the craziest place you’ve worn a Nora Gardner dress?
I'd have to say a bachelorette party. Those tend to get pretty crazy...

What is your favorite way to wear the dresses? How do you make the look your own?
I like to pair Nora's dresses with our company's signature Allergy Amulet necklace.