The Girl Bosses of Lion'Esque

The Lion'eqsue Group specializes in custom-planning pop up shops for brands and has worked with companies like Marc Jacobs, Sally Hansen, and Estee Lauder. Founder Melissa Gonzales is the author of the Pop Up Paradigm which explores relationships between brands and consumers. Melissa and her strategists, Megan, Aliana and Gabriela, answered our question: "what does work hard, dress smart mean to you?"

How you dress impacts your energy and state of mind. Dressing smart is dressing for the occasion at hand. Nora's dresses hug you in the right places, making you feel powerful and sophisticated, yet the fabric has the right amount of elasticity to also let you feel free and for me that helps me feel confident and ready to tackle the day. - Melissa Gonzales
Work hard, dress smart to me means dressing up to my potential. - Gabriela Castelao

It means starting your day with confidence. Feeling good in what your wearing helps empower you to conquer your goals. To me, a Nora Gardner dress is my best power suit! - Megan Ohr

It means wear the clothes, don't let the clothes wear you. We have all had the experience of wearing something that has made us uncomfortable, yet we wear it anyway for a reason we think may make us feel good. In the end it only makes us feel worse! - Aliana Galan

We are not prepared to make decisions and think smart when we are distracted, or even worse when you are not ultimately feeling secure and confident about yourself. Dressing smart does not only make you look and feel great, but allows you to be powerful enough to conquer the world, no matter what is thrown at you that day. When I wear a Nora Gardner dress, the only thing I have to think about in my busy day is my next smart decision. - Aliana Galan