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No longer need your Nora Gardner item? Give someone else a chance to love it as much as you did.

You can now resell your Nora Gardner items from the comfort of your home. If you are shopping and committed to sustainability, check out our current selection of Pre-loved items.

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Upgrade your wardrobe.

Sell your pre-loved items and earn cash or store credit.


STEP 1: Log into your Nora Gardner Account.

STEP 2: Click "Sell a pre-loved piece" and locate the item that you want to sell in your purchase history. Or use the template to upload your product.

STEP 3: Add photos and a short description and it's ready to sell!When someone buys your item, you will get a shipping label sent out to you. Drop it in the mail.Once the buyer receives the item and verifies it is the condition you listed it at, you will receive your payment in the form you choose, cash or store credit!Payments Options:*You will receive 50% of your items sold price if you choose PayPal payment.*If you choose store credit you will receive 70% of your item's sold price.

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Why Pre-Loved?

Pre-Loved is the mostsustainable way to shop
and good for the planet.

Upgrade your wardrobe without spending.
Get cash or store credit for each item you sell.

Find limited editions, or colors that you loved,
but we no longer make.

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What better way to have fun and take chances with your wardrobe, than to upgrade it without spending?